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Finding the Diamonds in the Rough

Let's find those diamonds in the rough. The students with less than impressive backgrounds, but through the roof potential. They're everywhere. They're all over your schools, sitting in your classrooms. The reality is the term "diamond in the rough" in one way or another, applies to us all. If given enough attention and opportunity many [...]

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Good Readers are Good Learners

It’s true what they say – good readers uthre good learners. eyeQ’s Brain and Reading Enhancement Program will give your child the tools necessary to not only succeed in school, but in life. We are so confident that you will see a change in your child’s learning and reading abilities that we back it up [...]

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Speed Reading at Work and School

One of the largest complaints that many students and professionals have in their day-to-day lives is the sheer volume of text that needs absorbed. Whats the problem? The problem is that the average reader only reads at around 200 words per minute. For short sections of text this is fine, but longer texts become intolerably time-consuming.

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How to improve employee productivity and satisfaction

At any given time within a workplace environment there are numerous projects and tasks that need to be completed by employees. Managing multiple tasks can be daunting and completing them in a timely manner is vital to maintaining client relations. How can employees effectively increase productivity and establish a solid routine for completing projects? The key lies in increasing your reading abilities.

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